Raoul Wallenberg at 77 (Portuguese Rose Marble - 20" x 13" x 12" - 1989)

It is 1989, and you have just been let into a cell in Lubyanka Prison in Moscow. The man on the cot in front of you slowly rises to look at you.  He is Raoul  Wallenberg. You have come to inform him the world did not forget.  My vision of Wallenberg's heroic strength captures that moment.

Vanished World - Homage to Roman Vishniac (White Statuario Marble - 16" x 15" x 10" -1990)

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Roman Vishniac photographed the world of the Jews of Eastern Europe in the years right before the Holocaust - a world now vanished.  Elie Wiesel called him "a poet  of memory." His photographs have given me the chance to become a sculptor of memory.  This sculpture brings back to life these two Jews from Vishniac’s photographs - one from the village of Vrchni Apsa in Carpathian Ruthenia, and the other from Slonim in Byelorussia.