Anne Frank At The Wall In Jerusalem (White Carrara Marble -                                             24" x 14" x 14" - 1985)

In my sculpture this is a symbolic event that does in fact occur.  My purpose was to join together two of the most symbolic remnants of the Holocaust  - Anne Frank and her undying optimism about the good of Mankind, and the return of the Jewish people to Israel (Anne pasted a picture of  Jerusalem on her attic wall). She is  wearing the uniform of a Jewish soldier  in her new homeland.

Golem DNA - (White Carrara Marble - 11" x 13" x 17"- 2001) 

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The DNA double helix of the Golem is now preserved in marble, and will re-create a new Golem whenever the Jewish people is in jeopardy. On the top of the double helix center column is carved the word "Emet" (Truth) in Hebrew letters.