No Wagner, No Holocaust (White Carrara Marble - 23" x 17" x 16" - 2011)

You have travelled back in a Space/Time machine to witness Johanna Wagner's abortion in 1812. If Richard Wagner had not been born, there would have been no Holocaust. Wagner was the most infamous anti-Semite of the 19th Century and the most direct influence on Adolph Hitler, who wrote, "With the exception of Richard Wagner, I have no forerunner."  In 1939 Hitler told Winifred Wagner (Richard's daughter-in-law) that his Nazi philosophy originated with his first attendance at Wagner's opera "Rienzi" in 1906. (for more information about Wagner's anti-Semitism, click on the article below)

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The dates on the Space/Time machine's clock

1812 - Johanna Wagner's abortion
1850 - Publication of Wagner's "Judaism in Music"
1906 - The year Hitler saw the opera "Rienzi"
1925 - Publication of Hitler's "Mein Kampf"
1938 - Kristallnacht - the Holocaust begins
(note: as the abortion proceeds, the dates fade)

Article about Wagner's anti-Semitism